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Chat4us presents gripping stories, which are presented as text message conversations. Stories run the gamut from humorous stories good for a chuckle, to thrilling mysteries that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. Users can create their own characters and stories, directly from their device.

Chat4us allows users to read entertaining chat-based short stories, created by other users. In addition to reading humorous or thrilling stories by others, anyone can create their own characters and stories to share with everyone else, all directly from their iOS device.

Each Chat4us story is presented as a text message conversation. With each tap of the screen, another text message appears, adding another engrossing piece of the tale's puzzle. Users can also turn on the convenient Auto Page function, which automatically displays the story, message-by-message. Stories range from laugh out loud humorous tales, to spine-tingling mysteries, to creepy-crawly happenings direct from everyone's worst nightmares.

"We love to read, but we always found that stories get boring if they drag on for too long," says Iridium Studio CEO Eric Bernet. "We wondered what we could do to bring the classic joy of reading into the fast-paced world of today's mobile lifestyle. Then it hit us! Everyone loves texting, and what better way to present a fast-paced, entertaining tale than by presenting it in the form of text messages? The seed for Chat4us was planted!"

New stories added daily!

The Chat4us iOS app is available in English, Korean.

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