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ON/OFF Photo App?

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It's a must have app in selfie age.

ON/OFF Photo allows users to hide, delete, and manage photos already sent to friends, chat about the photos and get notified when somebody views the photo, all in real time.

Fast and efficient!
ON/OFF Photo combines control with flexibility, with a simple on/off switch!

Auto Picture Hiding Timer!
A feature that automatically hides a photo after a set period of time after it has been exposed to a friend. This is a very convenient function because you can hide the picture sent to your friends automatically without any special operation.

- Real-time Hiding/Unhiding and Deletion of a Photo
- Instant Notifications when Someone is Looking at Your Photo
- Ability to Chat about Your Photos with your Friends
- Automatic Exposure Prevention
- Fast and Simple
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“We think this free app will provide huge benefits. If they don’t want their photo accessible all they have to do is flip a digital switch. When the receiver goes to view the photo, they will be given a notice the says either, ‘Photo deleted by user.’ or ‘Photo turned off.’ They can turn it back on just a simply. Problem solved.” .. from. Eric Bernet, CEO of Iridium Studio.

The ON/OFF PHOTO iOS app is available in English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

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